We help shoppers buy jeans that fit.

Start increasing sales, reducing returns, and expanding your consumer base with GoodFit.

Let GoodFit help you

We boost your company's revenue by improving shopper confidence and minimizing return frequency.

Increase Sales

Boost your revenue by increasing consumer purchases.

Reduce Returns

Strengthen consumer loyalty to your brand and confidence in your jeans.

Improve Satisfaction

Accurate recommendations eliminate typical shopper frustrations.

How it works

Using our patent-pending algorithms, GoodFit accurately recommends sizes for your shoppers' unique body types.

Simple 5-step process replaces measurement surveys.

Users receive customized recommendations in less than 30 seconds.

GoodFit offers more styles that fit your consumers without repeating the process.

Seamless integration into your webpage.

The GoodFit Team

Andrew Fu

CEO, Co-Founder

Andrew is a free-thinker and lifelong student. He loves learning new cultures and meeting perfect strangers.

Nick Leung

CTO, Co-Founder

In addition to computer speak, Nick has an uncanny ability to talk about different cultures and origins of languages for hours.

Monika Schaeffer

Mad Scientist, Co-Founder

Monika is a roboticist. She has degrees in robotics from Johns Hopkins and Duke. Her work with GoodFit does not involve robots - yet.

Braydon Nelson

Creative Director,
Scrum Master

When not designing new products, Braydon can be found composing in his studio.

For any further inquires, please contact us at info@goodfit.co or (323) 388-5802

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